Conducted by:  Anah Flourish

Hello Ghouri Usama Hamayun! Tell me a little bit about yourself

My Name is Ghouri Usama Hamayun , and I am from Pakistan. I completed my bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering from Pakistan in 2019. Currently, I am in Barcelona pursuing my advanced degree in Robotics and Automatic Control from UPC.
My passions are definitely related to Robotics, DRONES, UAVs, and Mobile Robots.

How do you handle your demanding bosses, your long hours, and your advanced college work and life?

It’s impossible to handle these things at the same time. I just map out my hours, and most days I work on the project with my team. 

It is not only emotionally demanding but also physically. I balance it with my advanced studies, and when possible, I just take a break and enjoy Barcelona or France.

What motivated you to take on this project?

Uniqueness, innovative ideas, and my passion for green energy to change the world for the better are the main reasons I take on this project.

I believe this project will make new ways for new innovations.

What challenges did this project face, and how did you and the team overcome them?

We solve multiple challenges every day. This project pushes us beyond our engineering skills every day.

It can honestly be draining and rewarding all at the same time. Slowly but surely we mitigate issues. If there are any technological challenges, we find solutions even when solutions seem impossible to reach.

What drives and inspires you?

Pakistan is an agricultural-focused country. I saw farmers struggling their whole life  just to produce a good crop for the country and not having anything for themselves.

And it’s the same in other parts of the world. I always dreamed of helping to solve these challenging times.

I have used my degree and my skills to work towards my goal of helping. 

I am positive that with this project and company I will be able to fulfill my lifelong ambitions and achieve what I am dreaming of.

What makes this project special?

This project is special because of the low costs and the amazing team that is built with people who have incredible innovative ideas and methods. 

It is also the mindset that everybody believes that they can change and achieve something, the same way I do.

How would you characterize your working method?

The following aspects are essential for our work:

  1. Dividing the tasks (in hand and into smaller sub-tasks)
  2. Solving one problem at a time
  3. Trusting each other 

With these values, we can work and achieve the success of the project.

How would you talk to a worker about their mediocre work performance?

I will never compromise on quality. So, if I am working 20 hours I would expect my workers to give me at least 12 hours.

How do you handle demanding or difficult circumstances?

Converting the idea into a project and then into a product requires patience because it’s time-consuming and difficult. 

realistic expectations and our requirements must be mapped. We discuss the situation with our bosses. That includes the difficulties, the solutions, the funding requirements of what we need, etc.

I am regularly involved in conference calls with my team and my bosses. If things get out of our hands, we just take a day or two off, rethink our strategies, brainstorm with the team, and resume again with the new strategy.

It is important to keep everything  moving and change methods and strategies if it is necessary.

Accomac technologies
Accomac technologies 
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