Eurydice Eve: Mothers, Unite!

“Patriarchy divides us in everchanging ways through nationalism, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, neighborhood, politics,” Eve Eurydice says on her eponymous podcast. “If mothers unite in common interest against it, mothers will become the single biggest voting bloc in the world. I want mothers to rise up, transcend the false divisions that oppress us, and join forces to make the world better for ourselves and our kids. I want to elevate the living conditions of all mothers and gain freedom, dignity, respect and equality for full-time mothers worldwide. I want to rouse the global conscience over the economic plight and social dependency of mothers. Mother validation is a pancultural issue. Motherhood is a universal law. My vision of universal motherhood is this: when one mother gets beaten by a human or a system, every mother gets beaten,” Eurydice tells audiences. “I don’t care what your religion, your origins, your education, your looks, your talents are; I give you enormous credit for bearing and raising a child.”

According to Eurydice, mothers are second class citizens who have no economic rights. “Full-time mothers are the only productive segment of humanity kept outside the official labor force. Society owes mothers the rights and financial advantages it gives to other employed people. Mothers have been deprived of personhood for six millennia. They were given a choice when it benefited the global economy to hire them as nonmothers. Science has dissolved the patriarchy, but replaced it with a more cynical system that further removes mothers from the children in their bodies. This threatens humanity.. Universal mother income doesn’t rectify the violences committed against procreating women in the past but it protects the present and the future.” 

Eurydice argues that mothers everywhere “are deprived of their natural rights to their children and their reproductive bodies and denied the economic value of their maternal labors. Motherwork is the only unpaid, unvaluated skilled job in the world economy. Mothers ask me to explain what universal mother income means. It saddens me that they can’t even guess,” Eurydice says. Eurydice’s proposal includes free mandatory education for qualifying salaried mothers to help them lead exemplary lives, parent better children and pursue careers after they complete full-time motherhood. 

Eurydice Eve is a feminist author, artist and podcaster who has been on the frontlines of America’s cultural wars since the 1990s, when her seminal book f/32 was published by Virago Press. F/32 described women’s alienation from their bodies in patriarchy. After years of research and hundreds of interviews, Eurydice published Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier with Scribner. Satyricon USA foresaw the identity wars that now threaten American democracy. Eurydice is a person you don’t forget. An extraordinary woman who uses her skills and talents to effect social change, Eurydice writes about Universal Mother Income in her substack ( and discusses it on her Speak with Eve podcast. Have a listen!