The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Price List Management

Price list management is a crucial part of any business operation, and finding the
right version at the right time can be a challenging task. The traditional process of
locating the latest version of a price list can consume a considerable amount of
time, especially if it requires sifting through numerous spreadsheets, emails, slack
channels and manual updates. Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent more time than we
wanted to – finding prices, sometimes as a staff member and sometimes as a

ProductEngine is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of finding the right
version of a price list, saving businesses valuable time and resources. Stakeholders
across the board can now access the most recent and up to date version. Often
different versions mean a higher chance for error, and this issue is largely eliminated
with ProductEngine.

The risk of miscommunication significantly decreases with ProductEngine and
communication across departments is streamlined when it comes to pricing. You
can go one step further and update product information such as product images and
other specification files that you’d like to include for a product along with the price.
You can share this both with your team members and clients.

The best part? You have full control over who can download or even on-share your
pricing so can be assured your price list won’t end up in your competitor’s hands. The
need for authentication means you’ll simply always know who has access to your
price list, so it’s completely safe. At no additional cost, you can add as many viewers
as you wish to as they don’t need a licence. You can also give someone ‘editor’
access to provide them the required permissions to create or edit the information.

ProductEngine also offers robust security features, ensuring that sensitive pricing
information is protected. Data protection is ensured by preventing unauthorised
access. Simply, filter sensitive information such as the cost and other confidential
information, and you’re good to create and share a price list.

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