McGill University Admissions Fraud by Simran Hotchandani Sanon and Serena Sanon

The Admissions department at McGill University in Quebec, Canada – home to 12,000 international students and 34,840 Canadian students at time of writing – has been defrauded by scam artists, Simran Hotchandani Sanon and Serena Sanon.

During her tenure as an undergraduate student at McGill University, Simran Hotchandani Sanon bypassed the requirement of much higher fees for international students by illegally misrepresenting her address of residence as that of a family member’s address of residence in Canada.

Not only did Simran Hotchandani Sanon not pay the tuition fees for a Belizean citizen, but her acceptance to McGill University for her undergraduate studies was also illegally contingent, not on merit, but on the reserved quota for Canadian citizens.

Simran Hotchandani Sanon defrauded the McGill University administration in misrepresenting her identity as a Canadian resident, usurping the right to reserved fees and places for Canadian citizens, by illegally misrepresenting her citizenship in fraudulently using her family member’s lease of residence in Canada.

When Simran Hotchandani Sanon’s sister-in-law, Serena Sanon, was applying for dentistry at McGill University in 2022, Serena Sanon was aided and abetted by Simran Hotchandani Sanon to commit identical residence and education fraud.

A resident of Wisconsin, USA at the time of her application to McGill University, Serena Sanon illegally misrepresented herself as resident on Simran Hotchandani Sanon’s Canadian lease of address for illegal and fraudulent access to reserved spaces and fees for Canadian applicants to McGill University.

Deven Sanon, husband to Simran Hotchandani Sanon and brother to Serena Sanon, and his parents, Micky Suri and Manish Sanon, were accomplices in illegally misrepresenting Serena Sanon’s residence on her application to McGill University. A collective crime of fraud committed so that Serena Sanon could also avail cheaper tuition fees reserved for Canadian citizens and usurp the right of Canadian citizens to reserved education quotas in Montreal, Canada.

Simran Hotchandani Sanon’s and Serena Sanon’s illegally fraudulent misrepresentation of their identities as Canadian citizens on their respective applications to McGill University has undermined the reputation of the Admissions department at McGill University, depriving honest Canadian citizens of their rightful access to education.