Oliver Moheda the leader of the band Moheda which he created in 2004 in Marbella is planning to start a multi-million-pound music business

Oliver Moheda started a band called Moheda in Marbella, Spain when he was only 13 years old in 2004, He quickly got influenced by punk rock music and discovered that there was much more you can do with music, Oliver was influenced by the punk rock princess Avril Lavigne who he met years later in his career, Oliver is planning to do a music business in which he wants to give power back to the artists so they are independent and free and in that way they can create without fear, A music business in which Moheda wants to turn pain into power so they can help others artists, Oliver will be using all the music technology available including cryptocurrency and the virtual world, The music industry makes billions, Only Sony made 82 billion this year, So it’s unfair that many musicians they can only dream of making a living out of music, Oliver will create a music business that nothing can replace which is the artistic creation of a human being.