Mario Maitland (@always_rio), is the host of the podcast series called What’s Next with Rio.
The platform, What’s Next With Rio Podcast Series, releases new episodes every week for
listeners to engage. On the podcast series, Mario invites musicians, athletes, doctors,
entrepreneurs, experts, passion project owners, and community leaders to share their personal
success stories and challenges they’ve faced in the past. The 22-year-old University of Kentucky
Alumnus created this platform mainly to inspire the younger generation and working everyday
people to persevere on the path towards their dreams and ambitions.

What’s Next with Rio Podcast Series has episodes that already feature a number of high profile
individuals, those include, NBA La Clippers Guard, Xavier Moon, WNBAAtlanta Dream
Guard, Rhyne Howard, University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Commit, Reed Sheppard,
Life’s Journey Clothing Brand Owner, Chris Hudson, and Pop Rock Band, Rags and Riches.

In our recent chat, we spoke with the talented host about his journey on this captivating podcast
check out the conversion below with Mario Maitland.

What inspired you to come up with this idea?

I mean, I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, I just wasn’t sure when I would do it or how I
would go about doing so. When I took a podcast class while I was at the University of Kentucky,
it was the perfect timing for me to launch this idea. I wanted to create a podcast that others could
dive into and connect with while at the same time finding something that could encourage me to
grow from a mental and emotional state. I thought that interviewing individuals that have been
successful or on the end ladder of receiving success within their respective careers would be a
perfect blend of giving viewers what they want by watching and learning more about people they
may look up to but also inspiring them and myself to do great things as well.

How did you come up with the name What’s Next with Rio?

It wasn’t really hard for me to be honest, I figured out the basics of my show, I knew that I would
be interviewing guests but I wanted to implement the main theme in my show, and its quite
simple, during my interviews I encourage my guests to share inspiring stories and advice to
anyone in general, but I also want my show to provide an opportunity for my guests to elaborate
on what they have planned for the future or what’s coming up next in their pathway to success.
As you see where “What’s Next” comes from. And “Rio” is a nickname that was developed in
my early high schools days. So that’s how it came about.

How do you prepare yourself for interviews?

It starts with lots of research on my end, I have to know the smallest details about my guests, that
can mean searching through google platforms…Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it is you
know. I even search for press releases about my guests. I think it makes it easier for me in
general and it definitely helps my guest feel more comfortable during the show. Other than that I
let my experience teach me as I go on. I learn valuable information after each episode and it does

Who are some people that inspire you?

Man, the list is long, I can draw inspiration from almost anything, I mean close friends, family,
mentors, and even the smallest things in life. Some people that have always inspired me are from
different spectrums of the world. Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, and Barack Obama, there’s a lot
more of course, but those guys stand out to me, their impact on my life shapes me into the person
that I am today.

Is there anyone you go to for advice or are there any tips you can give?

Yeah, there’s a handful of people, family, and friends, of course, it’s great to listen to different
perspectives and ideas from many different people. I mean like why not, the more brains working
together can definitely make things a lot easier for me personally. I kinda just go with the flow, if
there is something itching at me, I ask multiple people for their advice and what they think. It
definitely is a game-changer for me, like I said the more brains you have on your side working
together, the easier it is to figure things out. A tip I would give out is yes, asking around is a
good tool to use when you might not know how to do something, but sometimes people don’t
have that resource or support group to lean on. But I think that we should understand that
experience is the best teacher. In anything you do, gaining experience will eventually teach you
how to do whatever it is you want to do because you will learn from your very own knowledge
and understanding.

Where can listeners find you online?

What’s Next with Rio is available on all listening platforms. Spotify and Apple Podcasts and if
you want to watch our episodes we also upload our video edition on our youtube channel.

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