Deepak Gupta, Co-founder of LoginRadius, on Building a Successful Business

Businesses with higher customer satisfaction are thriving despite the pandemic. A complex and clunky system repels customers; online applications are now innovating with a simple and seamless onboarding as well as a touchless user experience. The technology ecosystem is accelerating in order to achieve the exponential growth companies need in order to put their users first. Numerous websites take less than 1 min to sign up as a new customer and require few details, which makes it more efficient and streamlined. 

Deepak Gupta, co-founder, and CTO at LoginRadius, a rapidly expanding Customer Identity Management provider, has architected an innovative Single Sign-In (SSO) product that has revolutionized the authentication process for businesses. Started in 2014, LoginRadius now secures more than one billion identities globally.

At LoginRadius, we focus on customer success. That is one of the core reasons our tech startup has transformed into a leading global brand today. – Deepak Gupta

Demand for purchasing products and services online has increased, especially due to the pandemic. As the whole industry continues trending in this direction, cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for businesses. Personal data such as name, address, email, phone number, etc. are some of the things that should be securely managed and stored. The best way to safeguard customers’ digital identities is by implementing robust cloud-based user authentication and management systems. These solutions help with breaches against businesses by providing digital identity verification, fraud detection and real-time notifications for their login activities.

Here are some of the ways Deepak shares to maximize growth:

Customer satisfaction

A business owner should always commit to providing quality service to their customers. Recognizing the pain points of the customer and addressing them strengthens the foundation of the business. At LoginRadius, we work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and objectives and help them to implement a solution that meets their needs. That is why we have a monthly reach of over 1 billion global users across 150,000 websites.

To be successful, every entrepreneur and business should treat the customer’s success as a core value in the company.

Robust product

Focus on building one solid product in the beginning. Solving one key pain point makes the product more usable and customers will get more value out of it. It’s easy to get distracted by additional features or services which can take away from the primary goal of the business. Launching multiple products may also lead to customer dissatisfaction, and negative reviews damage all the work done in the business.

The product and technology should be robust and scalable for customers to trust in your company. At LoginRadius, we have built a developer friendly and automated API product that our customers love.

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